April 18, 2012

sims social errors

dear Mr. creator,

meet my latest addiction:

it was my favorite way to de-stress by going click-click-click on the screen.

note 'WAS'.

i started out liking this game because the game provides you with quests to complete (at least you have purpose of playing in the first place =P), you get to decorate your house as you like provided you have enough money and social points, you get to make and break friends, oh and don't forget the infamous woo-hoo, ahahahahhaha.

but recently their quests are all timed, there's too many chain quests, and too many harassing friends to 'please click on my feed' nonsense.

recently newer errors have come into play too, like this one:

i've also gotten the grey screen error (their own version of blue screen hahahaha) and the most infamous response of all: the no-response-at-all error.

big cheers, everyone! *sarcastic clapping heard in the background*

sigh. buck up and improve on the app, will you? i don't want to abandon you the way i did with Restaurant City.

sincerely yours,
frustrated Sims Social Player

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