April 30, 2012

yet another movie marathon

Significant Other came back for the weekend. so as usual, our weekend activity would involve movie night(s). the three movies that got Significant Other's approval for last weekend:

1.Cabin in the Woods - for its Zombie appeal T__T
2.Lockout - for its sci-fi element T____T
3.Avengers - must i say more? =D

1. Cabin in the Woods

stupid zombie movie @_@. the whole ending didn't make sense. but i read the movie got high ratings from Rotten Tomatoes (91% approval ratings? egad) so i guess i have lousy movie taste. haha.
i wouldn't spend the night in a cabin in the woods even if you paid me a million bucks.

wait, scratch that. maybe i would. lol.

anyway, i wish the movie had explored the other death options in the basement. probably zombies were the easiest form of monster to recreate for the movie? and i do seem to think zombies are a favorite in this era *shudders*.
i can't believe Chis Hemsworth and Jesse Williams are in the movie, it never fails to amuse me how people can be one character in a movie/series, and then become a totally different character the next. lol. the power of being a good actor, i guess?
Fran Kranz's face kept bugging me throughout the whole film because he looked familiar. finally struck me that he played Topher Brink in Dollhouse.

kesimpulan: if weird trap doors suddenly open up for no reason, jangan buat2 macho, sayangilah nyawa anda. also, please do not stand near windows, you never know what evil being would smash through and drag you out into the darkness. also, if you plan to make out, please literally get a room. oh and don't jump ravines on motorcycles in the dark. you never know that there might be an invisible barrier out there. kggal.

2. Lockout

this movie was slightly better than Cabin in the Woods - i'm not a fan of sci-fi, but i dislike the undead even more.
i find it amusing that they can afford to ship inmates to outer space like it costs only 50 cents one-way. hahahahaha. i thought space travel was expensive. or does it get relatively cheaper in the future?
i would not set foot on MS1 even if you pay me a million dollars. you never know what could happen out there in space, like in the movie. you think in case of emergencies you can just float away to another planet? @_@

kesimpulan: this makes a better alternative to watch just in case the Avengers are still sold out =P. oh, and it's advisable not to name your son Marion.

3. Avengers

awesome movie ever. i'd watch it all over again =D.
sil stands by her opinion that HawkEye is the hottest hottie ever. lol.
oh, i can't believe that Cobie Smulders is in the movie. for some weird reason each time she's on the screen i seem to feel like i'm watching a comedy instead of an action movie. lol. How I Met Your Mother seems to be influencing my brain =P.

kesimpulan: awesome awesome awesome! jom tengok lagi!

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