April 17, 2012

lost mojo

i must be losing my mojo...i've never abandoned my blog this long before... haha. forgive me. not that i have too many readers to begin with. i have lots on my mind. you know what invention i'd love to have (if it existed, to begin with)? --> a gadget that has the ability to turn your thoughts into words into the PC. i've been virtually 'blogging' in my mind that when it comes to the time i want to translate them onto physical medium, they come out yucky sounding and lame. and into the Trash it goes. haha.

google translater calls them indians, sometimes towels. LOL.

here's a colorful pic that makes me happy just looking at them:

apricot silk
rose silk
eisblau silk/wool/cotton
holunder aqua linen
grass hemp
petrol hemp

ring slings revisited:

(btw, that is only half of what i have.the rest are archived away for the future)

and yes, i do have a small collection of ring slings, i never began with wrapping. i was considering to let go the silk (the lovely creamy one) but i chickened out again for the second time @_@. the ring sling at the bottom of the pic was my very first tbw purchase, inspired by a friend's OMT that she has. i'm contemplating listing the grad linen psling. any takers?

cherry drop linen psling, rm350 *SOLD*

this is also for sale. i'd rather not list the price here, i've had quite a number of people fainting already, haha. i think that's what made me to start doubting my sanity for the past couple of days. ignore my ramblings. i've been doing that alot lately just to release the tension building up inside me. i'll be fine later, don't worry =P.

natibaby beige silk swallows 5 *SOLD*

who can resist its neutral beauty? definitely not me

i'll write more meaningful ramblings once i get my mojo back.

oooh, have you seen Battleship? you should watch. i must be the only person who has never played the game in my entire life.

i've seen them on tv commercials when i was in the US (you gotta love their commercials, hahahaha) but hey, i'm a girl. apa best Battleship? =P~~~ it wasn't really a great movie but it wasn't so bad either. it felt more like watching someone playing the game on big screen. no wonder Significant Other enjoyed it - aliens were involved. hahahahhahahahaha.

the hero plays Gambit in Wolverine, btw. i simply can't recall who he is, but he reminds me of Paul Walker. sil denies this though.

to finish my ramblings, i leave you with two pics that consists of two of my favorite colors =D

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Maneesa said...

havent got the chance to watch batteship yet and dont worry i pon x pernah main game tu hehe..didnt even know there a game ? do board game risk count ? :P
nway u have so mannnyyyy slings!!
definetly a collector!

update la blog heheeh i sorang reader rajin baca urs :D