March 31, 2012

nina's class the second

31st has always been special... er, due to Baskin Robbins, of course =P *ahem*

anyway, today's the day my parents and sister fly back to Malaysia. since i slept surprisingly early the night before, i was wide awake at 3am (i don't sleep much these days... sleeping schedule has gone out of whack for the past few months @_@). picked up my brother at Bangi at 6am and headed for KLIA. alhamdulillah they arrived back at the airport safe and sound, save for their sore throats and lesser than good health. with three big tongs of air zam zam @_@. it's a miracle everything could fit into my car, haha.

i had another class with Nina today! although, it was supposed to be a bread-making class (i think. or was it donut-making class?). i arrived at 10am (i headed straight for Kajang after dropping off my parents) so by that time, the cinnamon rolls were already baking and the donuts were already frying. the attendance however this time round was full house =D. Sarah pun ado! everyone brought their kids along, the kids had fun making donuts (i think they were supposed to decorate them but i think they enjoyed eating them more, Nina's donuts were fluffy!).

cinnamon rolls pre-oven

meet assistant donut ticer Sarah

we had 2 teachers today, apart from Nina was our very own biker woman Sya, a.k.a. cendawan lady. hahahahah. ok so basically this session was more of a makan-makan session than learning session. we had alot to eat: the donuts, the cinnamon rolls, the cendawan goreng, Sya's oh-so-yummy nasi lemak, and a whole lot of nina's cakes :love:

meet our teachers of the day

donut ticer Nina

mushroom goreng, kena ada skill ok (macam ticer Sya =P)

the end product almost wiped clean

Sya's nasi lemak, best!

in the middle of chaos, sempat lagi my friends buat barter exchange barang pembelian. LOL.

wish my kids were there. the car couldn't fit everyone, so i had to leave them behind =(. also i left the house at 4am... they were all still sound asleep, and so i didn't want to disturb them.

oooh and before heading home, i dropped by to see Reet and her almost 1-month old kid =D.

from reet's collection

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