April 2, 2012

iPhone mommy tak bes

just wanted to write this down... before i forget...

this morning , at 1am i was trying my very best to get some shut eye when Dayana, who was lying on her stomach next to me and busy operating my iPhone exclaimed,

"Mommy, iPhone Mommy tak bes la!"

@_@ boleh tak? mentang2 la Mommy's apps semua boring to a 4-yo. chis.

and yesterday, Bibik made nasi + fishball soup for lunch, but my Dayana had her own idea on what she wanted to eat for lunch. you know what she did? she took one look at the bowl and told Bibik,

"i don't want rice, i want bihun and fishball"

and when Bibik said bihun takde, you know what she said?

"adeeeee. you go get it!" and then refused to eat a single bite.

haih. cam tau je ade bihun kat dalam stor tu? and pandai pulak si kecik molek ni order orang. haihhhhhhhh.

she also likes to ask me the following Qs:

- KENAPA xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, mommy? KENAPA??? *mode sibuk-nak-tau*
- mommy nak pegi mana? mommy where you going?? *mode takut kene tinggal*
- mommy, what u doing? *mode kepochi*
- mommy can i use your iPhone?
- mommy, can you help me?
- are you thinking what i'm thinking, B1? *encik pisang punye pasal*

semalam sibuk nak makan pizza. luckily we had leftover pizza from Saturday night's pizza dinner outing with Nor, so she had pizza for lunch and dinner on Sunday. and for Monday's breakfast too (last piece).

hantu pizza cik kiah sorang ni.

oh she came up with something else recently:

"daina likes princess, adik likes abby cadaby, mommy like princess (she doesn't know what i like), daddy likes robot! (aka transformers)"

and from school:

"how are you?"
"i'm fine, thank you, ALHAMDULILLAH!"


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