March 19, 2012

draw something

this was Significant Other's attempt to cheer me up at midnight.

yesterday he called me up to get me to install 'Draw Something' on my iPhone. i've already downloaded the app sometime ago since i saw someone's twitter comment on how cool it was but i didn't have a chance to try it. i can't seem to search friends via facebook friends though, the app kept auto-closing each time i tried to. jerghhh...

anyway, he was playing cheating, mostly 'writing' words hinting to the actual word (unfair! boo! =P~~~) whole point was to 'draw', no?

so ok la, you gotta applause at his attempt below. bukan senang melukis dengan jari gemuks. heehee. i had a good laugh.

DrawSomething... yeah, i'd say that's definitely something. hahahahahaha.

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