March 21, 2012

jumpsac pandora

free advertising? in no way am i obliged to, but i want to all the same. because i love love love how the end product turned out. LOL.

for those who'd like to buy a wrap but can't afford those crazy overseas prices, or for those who would rather not splurge on their very first wrap (and cry buckets later when they realize that they're actually MT/SSC mamas), well, here's an opportunity to purchase a Malaysian made wrap for a steal (i should know. i own too many wraps and none of them are even close to how much this is retailing for).

JumpSac Woven Wrap available here.

meet Night Berry. there's two wefts to choose from: purple or pink. being greedy i lovee both colors. haha.

i've seen a prototype of her wraps irl before, i can say this wraps resembles closeness to Girasol wraps, they have this blankety feeling to it at first touch, although JumpSac's wrap is a bit more thicker, perhaps because it's brand new and hasn't been fully broken in yet. it didn't seem to have any stretch to it (like how some indios do), did i mention the colors are tdf? especially when wrapped!

the wraps are available for pre-order til 7th April 2012, at 30% off the normal price, so how good is that? *praying for gaji day to come early haha* i think there's a limit to how many wraps in each colorway is produced, so if you love how it looks in pics you'd better put down your order quick, else go find someone who bought it already and place dibs ok. haha.

i need a new squishy. my current squishy now has legs, knows how to talk back at you, and rebel at anything she doesn't like, including tambat-ing her with a piece of cloth.


more action pics on her Facebook page if you're interested. as of 21/3/2012, JumpSac has 10,020 likes, and that's saying something.

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