March 19, 2012

eyes for matta

we were supposed to go for a movie last weekend.

'Lorax?' i exclaimed. 'amende tu?'

i googled it up... ooOoOokay, it's a Dr. Seuss thing. (cat in the hat comes to mind) (in fact, Garfield also comes to mind). i was more into Roald Dahl than Dr. Seuss during my time.

so instead of movie night, i decided to teman sil pergi Matta Fair instead. 16-18 March 2012, PWTC. i've never been to any Matta fair before. no money to go anywhere. someday... someday =P.

sil's friend came along too (she wants to go to Casablanca ooh la la), so i dragged along Dayana (because i hate the saying 'three's a crowd'). Saturday morning, we arrived at sil's front door at 10am, and off we went (after stopping by to drop off dobi T__T and picking up her friend in Sunway).

due to the tedious task of looking for parking, we decided to ditch the car at Bank Negara and take the star at Bandaraya instead. i think that this would be Dayana's first lrt ride? i don't remember. she didn't mind having to climb all those stairs. aand her face looked as if she wished the train ride was longer (only 2 stops away to reach PWTC).

muka sposen naik STAR

anyhoo, since it was just 11am, the halls weren't packed yet. we paid rm3 for entry and were given a big red reusable bag which proved handy once we were inside the halls. sil and her friend immediately headed over to the international section.

someone came out of nowhere and handed Dayana a balloon. should've asked for one more, balik rumah the kids kept fighting over it -.- kakak kan kemut. semuanya 'THAT'S MINEEEEEEE!'.

one happy camper

i learnt sil's main intention was to collect brochures for selected holiday destinations. chehhhhh... ingatkan nak beli flight ticket @_@. good idea really, what best place to collect information about a certain country if not at this fair? later i jokingly told her that she'd be able to open a tourist information counter in her room what with the many brochures she managed to collect at the fair that day. haha.

auntie Enn mencuri pamphlet
look Aya! india mali!
'exotic' destinations

Gloria Jeans were giving out free ice-blended to visitors. Dayana especially enjoyed it soo much, she ended up smothering herself with chocolate. sigh. especially her WHITE blouse *nangis*.

anyway, anyone interested in flying MAS's A380 to London this July 1st (ke 2nd? balik korek pamphlet)? only 2k+ one way. hehe.

by the time we had gone through all the halls it was almost 2pm, and the whole place was jammed packed with human bodies (am happy we decided to go early, i don't do 'shuffling' with strangers haha).

people go to MATTA fair to:

- buy affordable flight tickets;
- purchase affordable holiday packages;
- collect brochures to whatever holiday destination chosen;


i buy airplanes.

not kidding. look:

the ATR and the 737-800

pingsan. LOL.

just a bit pissed because Firefly staff buat derq kat i each time i stood in front of their counter. do i look like i couldn't afford anything??? bile org nak beli, takmo layan. chis.

sil's friend brought us to Publika where we had Ben's for lunch. whoopee!!! sil was ecstatic, she was craving for lasagna since last month's pay day. Dayana was with me so i ordered creamy tomato spaghettini to share, which she happened to like (picky eater). i gave all the beef bacon to sil. too masin for my taste =P (read: minah cerewet).

nyum nyum

these days Dayana kalah bulimia. makan muntah. chis. sometimes i think she does it on purpose. kot ye pun nak jadiek model, tak yah la prektis dari skarang ok.

our second half of the day was spent going to Nilai 3 with mil. mil borong carpets. apparently she seems to like going to Nilai 3, everything is interesting to her =D. i remember years ago Nilai 3 used to be so much more happening, these days it just seems to be half empty, i have no idea why. probably people can afford to splurge in the city rather than having to travel all the way here?

one thing i dislike about Nilai 3 is they don't have any ATMs conveniently placed. the only ATMs we did manage to find was Bank Rakyat (at Marrybrown's), AmBank (at 7-E), and Agro Bank.

we headed to Subang Parade after that... sil belanje Sakae Sushi for dinner. found out Dayana likes soba. soba kah? those green noodles. she kept hijacking mil's bowl for more and demanded to see the bowl for herself when mil cakap dah habis T_T (lemme see! lemme see!). i ordered the train kid's meal for the two of them, ok la at least Dayana finished most of what's in there except for the chicken, Dinara pulak preferred to skewer her food pakai chopstick. next time i know what to order for Dayana when we go for Japanese =D.

around midnight i dropped by sil's house to pick up my car... and tumpang tengok Azura which she purchased on Astro First. hahahah. the story started out sweet, but the ending was really cheesy. seriously. macam tak cukup drama or something.

p/s. big F1 fan here (no thanks to Significant Other), am happy McLaren started out with a good placement in Australia *touch wood*. this weekend F1's in Malaysia!!!

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