March 5, 2012

swimming at Rustica

me *in front of PC*
Dayana: 'mommy, are you done yet?'

tgh hari:
me *reading a book*
Dayana: 'mommy, are you done yet?'

Dayana awaking from a quick snooze.
Dayana: 'mommy, are you done yettttttt??'
*promptly goes back to sleep*
(mimpi hokeh)

ok ok she wants to go jalan. so we invited ourselves (dengan muka tak malu hahah) to my friend's place at BSD on Sunday. i wud've monyok in the room the whole day if i hadn't gone out, been trying to catch up with sleep that has seem to evade me completely but failing miserably (Dinara kept bodyslamming on my head T__T and Dayana kept mommy, this! or mommy, that! @_@)

oooh the kids were excited to see each other, right up to the point that Dinara could see her elder sister had a new friend and had forgotten all about herself, ahah.

budak2 jakun dalam air

si penakut

Dinara was terrified of the water at first (errrr it's like a bathtub, but bigger, no?) then she eventually got excited with all the splashing. but! she stayed clear of the Uncle and made sure her kakak stayed close and didn't abandon her. lol.

and then Mommy forgot to bring a spare change of undies. LOL.

thanks for dinner, babe. love u lots <3

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