December 2, 2010

i don't care

i'm feeling depressed. maybe because that time of the month has finally creeped up on me (oh well. so much for natural family planning haha). contemplating the iud now after chatting up with Najua the other day.

Dinara started smiling just as soon as she passed the 2 months old mark. she's due for her 3rd month checkup. i'm curious to know how much weight has she gained since her last visit. she seems soo heavy these days... T_T. she has good head control now too. uncle Hashim says she's quite 'solid'. i think that's a good thing, lol. should i wait for coverage? or should it be better not to delay?

Dayana pulak sudah pandai sebut "iPod TOUCH! mami nak aiiiii pod touch! pizzzzzzz~~~". she thinks just because she says please she can get away with everything. chis dan chis lagi. oh and when Daddy's iPhone sudah kong, she'll straight away ask for Mommy's iPhone, complete with a piiiiiiiz. haiz~ =P.

have you seen the British series 'The IT Crowd'? my deskmate recommended me this series dulu, he used to gelak sorang2 tepi i macam orang gila (if he wasn't busy shooting people that is). it's not a bad watch la actually, hahaha. too bad each season only had like 6 episodes. the IT stands for I.T., not 'it'. anyway, Dayana just loves the opening credits. dengar je lagu she will drop everything and go menari depan tv. another one would be 'Family Guy' punye opening credits. she pronounces it as 'Fai Guy'. lol!

you know what i'm currently lusting after? lol. this:

saya mau DIBS ini LWI!

i killed another credit card yesterday. now i'm left with three. super motivated to kill another one in the next couple of months to come.

watched Deathly Hallows as well yesterday. i still prefer the book though. as expected Significant Other says the movie has no storyline. triple chis. lepas itu tanye i seribu satu questions on hallows and horcruxes T_T.

sent my monkey off to Cheras. hope it gets there safely. never in my life have i posted something so cincaily. what to do, i had limited resources. and the stupid posto don't carry those plastic bags anymore. so i had to improvise.

i better go pump before i procrastinate further. off to play Cut the Rope to kill time. heehee.

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