December 28, 2010

opening a bank account

i learned today that if you want to open an ASD account for your child she needs to be 6 months old and above to apply. Dinara is 2 months shy from her 6th month mark. haih.

and you need to be at least 12 years old in order to open an ASB account.

well... what about ASW then? =D

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Dina said...

I still haven't opened an ASD account for Sophia.
the day she turned 6 months, i went to the counter only to be told it's fully subscribed.
kalau ada org redeem baru boleh subscribe the redeemed number of units*.

AND kalau you tanye at any point how many units unsubscribed they won't know, they have to try punch in the number of units you want baru tahu ada tak available.
same goes for ASW
fully subscribed too* (for bumi la for non-bumi i'm not sure)

6 months boleh bukak akaun remaja ASW. shall try this one pulak coz
currently all Sophia's funds kat dlm AS1M

E`n1x said...

really? what's the diff between ASD and ASW then? my friend tells me ASW is more profitable than the former.
and yes i think they did mention that it depends on the availability, which they do not know until they try. i didn't even reach that level when i got rejected due to Dinara not yet 6mos hahaha. even had my thumbprint taken already, tsk.
AS1M = 1 malaysia kah? lol

Dina said...

hmm quite right
if you look at the past 5 years' distribution rates for both funds, they're exactly the same except for 2007

the only difference i know is ASD for bumiputera je ASW for non-bumis as well

yea Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia