December 4, 2010

yellow day - photos

i dunno what to crap about in this entry, so i'm just gonna let the photos tell the story. but i can say that this is my first time experiencing this sort of activity (it's not always you get to bring your family to the office haha), so it was quite fun! didn't bring Dinara though, she's too young.

the fun began right past noon (we had to spend the early half of the day 'working' still :P). there were a bunch of talks and activities held for the children at various venues at D'House, but Dayana was still too young so was unable to participate. she was mainly 'culture shocked' at the sight of the huge crowd -.-

coloring for UNICEF

sticking the final masterpiece on the bulletin

at one point we met Aunty Firah :D who whisked Dayana away to meet her boss and colleagues, haha. we had to go collect her upstairs.

we met Aunty Firah

a bunch of other activities were held in Townhall. i got to do my very first sand-art. face-painting was also available, but there were too many kiddos waiting in line -.-

kene buli into doing this sand-art for Dayana

entranced with some Magic Show

just in case i get lost, Mommy

Significant Other with the little kiddo

eksaited with her 'sword' balloon

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