December 13, 2010

lookie lookie

look where i was and what i did yesterday! haha.

i want...ICE CREAM!

Gap Casting Call 2010!
if it's not too much trouble, could you do me a favor and take some time to vote for this little cutie pie of mine? it's the first ever casting call i've ever brought her to, lol.

you can click here to vote =).

or if the link doesn't work, here's how to cast your vote:
search for Gap Malaysia on Facebook -> Like -> Click the Casting Call tab -> Start Now -> Malaysia -> D -> browse for Dayana Nur Sabrina -> click Vote

and voila, you're done! just make sure the vote counter has increased by 1 to make your vote count =P.

voting ends 7th January 2011. thanks a bunch!

here's my little munchkin:

Dayana Nur Sabrina =)

it was challenging enough for me to bring two kids on my own to OU yesterday, let alone getting her to sit still and pose. she was more interested in the signage than smiling for the camera haha. didn't help that i kinda lost my voice too. and the waiting time wasn't doing much justice either. so... i was lucky Dayana was in an agreeable mood for the whole 4 hours we were there =D.

bought Dayana a cute little red dress and ballet slippers (her very first dressy shoes haha) for her at Gap. thinking back, i wish i had bought Dinara a dress too, the smaller sized dresses were much cuter and came in more choices =).

i was about to blog more but someone decided to transfer all the photos in my memory card into the PC and left me with absolutely nothing... pffft. and what's a blog entry without photos, ey?

p/s. Brit accents are HOT. =P~~~


Dina said...

red dress? the short sleeved ala2 thai silk looking one?
i almost bought that one!!

E`n1x said...

yea yea it's the one on the mannequin haha. there was another navy blue dress that was also nice but their biggest size was 2yo. i think i spent quite awhile jugak in the store just to decide what to buy =P.