December 14, 2010

my last day

despite things i'm not inclined to mention, i'm really gonna miss this place and the people here =P

only have the lanyard to keep

parking was provided! but i still managed to get 3 parking summons. tsk!

my team finally had their postponsed outing today - MidValley. kinda ironic since they held it on the last day i was employed with the lellow man (oh well, at least i got to join! =D). after dozens of suggestions on what to do, they finally came up with a safe activity - movie and dinner. oh well. that's was ok with me.

when we arrived at MV the first thing we did was to buy something for the gift exchange we'd be having during dinner. then off towards GSC for the movie (lemme recall what movie it was, i totally forgot already what it is we saw that day =P~).
nowadays i don't put too much expectations towards movies, as long as i get a good laugh out of it.

we decided on Spaghetti Grill for dinner, i've never been there before and supposedly it's related to Chilli's. the price was ok so we each ordered sets. while waiting for food i went to pump in my car, hahahahah (i really don't know where to pump in MidValley privately @_@).

then we had the gift exchange. i ended up with my boss's gift, which was really pretty (can't show this to Dayana, she might end up demanding for it and end up breaking it @_@).

here are some photos taken by my friends:

chen fei with his Doreamon pressie

zie and the voluptuous shahnaz =P

irene, the most wonderful boss ever

me with the ex-intecians now defected to the lellow man

my snow globe!

the whole gang

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