December 27, 2010

twas the day we call Christmas

the house is almost complete. although super slow. feeling abit irritated now. we didn't even go anywhere on Christmas Day, only spending Saturday night at the unit with the kids. super irritated because no matter how many times i sweep and mop the floor still feels icky and dusty. grrr.

at least the master bathroom is finally scrubbed clean, Dayana insisted on helping and ended up getting a shower in the tub. could use more scrubbing though. one thing i hate about too many windows is WATERMARKS. i got no idea how to clean the windows on the outside. risk my life by climbing out of the window? lol. next thing you know i'm in the news for attempted suicide =P.

a surprising thing happened that Saturday. me and the kids were hanging out on the bed, Dayana was taking the opportunity to jump on the bed, while all of a sudden Dinara started laughing. i mean genuinely laugh. each time Dayana started jumping on the bed, Dinara started giggling away. serious, no joke. i even manage to get it on camera (at the wrong angle, chis), although i think Dayana deleted one of the clips T_T~. she was so excited that she could actually make her little sister laugh. and being the overexcited toddler that she is, she can successfully 'accidentally' delete practically anything in the iPhone. sigh. oh well. probably i can recreate the moment again somehow. let's hope Dinara's in the mood.

went to Ikea yesterday to get a tv bench and coffee table, ended up with a coffee table only because the particular brand that we were eyeing had some parts out of stock, to which the Ikea person kept telling everyone that stock will be available 'mid-Jan'. sigh. also ordered curtains for the unit, also due to complete in 3 weeks' time. Dayana kept bugging the assistant at Macy's with the iTouch, insisting that she looked at her 'A Ba Ta'. lol. i need to follow-up with the grill guy and sofa lady later.

what irritates me is that the longer it takes to complete the renovation, the more things we think we should add to the house. we're now requesting to add a switch for the outside light to be placed outside the door, as well as to redo the plaster conceiling the hood hose. touch-ups belum lagi. haiz. haiz. haiz. benci. i'm sick of houses. i want to live in a bubble. all u need to worry about is being poked at. haha.

what's left to be done:
- bathroom mirrors
- bathroom blinds
- living room carpet
- scrub the house again from top to bottom

as usual had to babywear dd#2 and push dd#1 in the stroller all at the same time. not to mention a shoulder bag to carry. and Dinara kept leaning to one side and arch her back, i had to support her head with my hand @_@. i think probably because she prefers to look around. if i cradle carry her in RS she gets to have a look at the outside world. if i fwcc her in a wrap her view is obstructed, haha. probably explains why she doesn't really like t2t. do you know any other suitable carries i can try to overcome this?

crazy. crazy. i'd like to see if anyone else can juggle everything like that. i hate the way people go to Ikea and buy stuff like they're moving house each time.

i am super tired today. i had a very tiring weekend. i'm so tired i'm caring less for tbw today =D. far told me to stalk a bamboletta. wasn't so crazy about the little dollies but i set my alarm clock anyway for the listing. ended up everything sold out in less than 3 minutes flat. hahahahahaha. oh well. Dayana isn't remotely interested in dollies yet so i'd give it a year or two before stalking again, haha. i hope they'll be like pamirs: super htf initially, but slowly becoming slightly easier to obtain after a couple of years down the road =).

btw, my iPhone 3GS is still available for sale at 1.4k. [SOLD]

model: 3GS
color: white
capacity: 32GB.

used since July 2010 until December 2010, so it's still under warranty. protected by matte scratch protector since day 1, cover also worn (Capsule Rebel) to protect the body. never jailbreaked before. totally in excellent condition. pm me if interested =)

Dinara turned 4 months yesterday. such a big girl, she is. can't wait for her to get her legs to be able to run around with her older sister, at the same time already missing my newborn baby. hee~ i brought her swimming for the very first time that morning, didn't want to procrastinate the way i did with Dayana (which resulted in her being terrified of sand and the waves lol). brought the kids down while Significant Other scrubbed away at the second toilet. Dinara wasn't particularly excited though, probably because the water was slightly chilly. so we just splashed around in the water abit with Dayana hanging on to my swimskirt, hahah.

ok that's it from me. for now =)

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