February 4, 2014

clearing out the closet

cleaning out my closet time to let go those i rarely use or reach for.
please feel free to msg me if you're interested, thanks.

1. top CD: Thirsties duo wrap diaper cover size 1 - rarely used.
asking rm35 free postage.

2. bottom CD: Blueberry One Size Deluxe Pocket Diapers with Blueberry One Size Hemp/Microfiber Insert - rarely worn.
asking rm50 free postage.

3. microfibre insert, rm5

baby stuff - cloth diapering

4. Sugarscarf Alisa, with thai silk awning - rarely worn. color is true to life.
asking rm35 free postage. *donated*

headscarves i rarely use

5. Qaira Hijab soft awning (as in photo) - available colors are red and brown (both not in photo). gently loved.
asking rm30 each inclusive postage. *donated*

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