February 17, 2014

another weekend with the kids

i've been trying to spend more time with the kids over the weekend because i barely have time to hang out with them during the weekdays. i don't want to wake up one day and realize that my eldest is 18 years old. hahahahahah.

Sophia loves pulling herself up at the edge of the kids' bed (or any furniture that she's able to get a hold on). she gets really excited whenever we bring her upstairs and into the kids' room, she assumes she gets to join in on the fun =D (having more than 1 kid is definitely da bomb!). the elder one was only interested in taking a photo, she treats her baby sister like a minion, boleh?

peace be upon you, fellow alien

i finally let them play with the blocks i bought during Dayana's era but didn't want to let them play with it because guess who's gonna end up having to clean up everything every single time (and counting them too to make sure none was missing)?

jambatan pulau pinang?

on Sunday i took the two elder ones for a haircut.

minahs gediks

they were not the only ones who got a hair trim, i ended up having one too =P. this Dinara really doesn't like to pose for the camera unless if it's by her own free will (tengoklah mata dia ntah ke mana T___T). and she still does the loser sign as a substitute for the peace sign. haha.

"loser, uolls"

a quick selfie with the husband while my pretty hair is still pretty.

with my comots

and we had dinner at this nice restaurant in Subang Parade with the in-laws and uncles and aunty (singular, lagi sorang aunty mia). we even brought Little Miss Sunshine along, who behaved really well throughout the dinner. 'behaving well' meaning i'm able to eat my dinner in peace without having to have her sit on my lap while rice falls onto her head =D.

dinner at SP

and who did i meet here but Kak June, who was also having dinner seated in the corner of the restaurant. how i recognized her? by all the bracelets draped around her wrist =P~~~~

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