February 13, 2014

oreo cheesecake

i made this while hubs was sleeping on Saturday evening. i had the mood to throw everything into a bowl, so this was what i came up with last Saturday.

thing is, i print screened the recipe on my phone and i didn't manage to capture the name of what i was trying to bake. smart eh? but no worries, the ingredients the recipe called for were readily available, i didn't have to struggle to prep anything, just throw everything into a bowl and shove it into the oven to bake. HAHA.

the base of the cake required crushed oreo cookies so i chucked a whole bunch into a ziplock bag and asked the kids to squash them into tiny pieces (come to think of it, i should've just blended them but where's the fun in that? lol). i lined the crushed oreo in an oven dish and chilled it in the fridge for 10-15 minutes. i'm not really sure whether the recipe was correct in stating only 2 spoonfuls of butter to mix with the oreo, because the base kept crumbling to smithereens post-bake (2 spoonfuls barely made a difference).

and the rest of the steps? dump everything into a big bowl - cream cheese, yogurt - sugar, flour, eggs - and blend away until it turns into cream. i got a little worried because the mixture never became thick even after mixing awhile with my hand blender (the last time i blended butter + eggs the mixture started resembling scrambled eggs). oh well, too late to be doing anything to save it, haha.

the mixture is then poured onto the oreo base and into the oven it goes for 40 minutes or so. it came out really weird looking as expected. being the impatient person that i am, i cut out a piece while it was still piping hot. it tasted weird too. HAHA.

refrigeration did the trick

i only realized later that the cake was supposed to be chilled before serving... to become oreo cheesecake! =D only then did it actually taste better than that first cut. the taste? not up to par with Secret Recipe lar. resipi cincai maa, what do you expect? =P~

Dinara loved it (she calls them cupcake), the maid cut it up into little pieces for Dinara to snack on whenever she felt hungry (which is all the time). Dayana only ate the top part of the cake, and left the bottom T___T.

cheesecake anatomy

soOooOo... until i decide to experiment again, toodles~!

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