February 27, 2014

intelligence sticks

just for fun. anyone interested to get this for their kids? someone is doing a group buy for this.

Intelligence Stick GB
ETA: early April 2014
RM20 inclusive postage to WM
please confirm by 10/3/2014

i've been teaching Dayana how to count (add and subtract for now) using all her crayons in her coloring box to help her visualize the numbers.
i'd usually ask her to draw little sticks on paper and then count them but she'd usually end up miscounting them in the end T___T.
the only drawback i see to buying this is that those little sticks would go missing, since Dinara seems to have been born with Wreck-It-Ralph genes.

the other day, i was looking high and low for this small pool ball that mysteriously disappeared from my room. the culprit would usually be the kids (things don't just grow feet and walk away, tu sabotage namanya) so i asked them if they'd seen the ball anywhere. as usual, no cooperation from them. i had to overhaul the kids' room all by myself to find it. turned out, i found the ball hiding specifically under Dinara's side of the bed. when i asked her about it, she only managed a sheepish smile and a half-hearted 'sorry!'.

*screams silently*

anyway, do PM if you're interested to join.

updated 6/3: yesterday she broke my snow globe!!! even after specifically telling her never to play with it or suffer my wrath!!! *cries buckets*

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