February 11, 2014

weekend kiddie activities

so Saturday the kids were invited to a small birthday party. it was really simple pimple, they had food, they had a cake, they had a clown, they had balloons.

double celebration: Snow White and Mickey Mouse

the birthday girl was so adorable, all decked out in a Snow White outfit, complete with a Snow White birthday cake. then the clown came, so balloons for everyone. this was followed by kid activities with Mr. Clown. they did the chicken dance, they played some games, they got toys, they got party favors. Dinara sat everything out because she was afraid of the clown.

um, you can't really tell who's the birthday baby and birthday girl from this photo -__-
her attempt at making the peace sign right - failed

the whole time, i was busy stuffing my face with food.

one of the games the kids played was 'mummify your kid'. i was at the table when Dayana came over and dragged me to the games area. they handed each of the adults a tissue paper roll each and we were required to wrap our kid in tissue paper. this is one game i've never participated in before, so the idea of wrapping Dayana in tissue paper really tickled my fancy =P~. she was such a willing mummy, as i wrapped her up in tissue paper from bottom up. she didn't even move a muscle the whole time. i left an opening for her to be able to see out =D.


and yes, i cracked up by the time i was done with her, ponytail wrapped with tissue and all.

i literally cracked up at this sight

and guess what, Dayana won a prize for it. ahahahahahha.

we took a few more post-birthday party pics with their small haul.

party loot
Dayana's prize from the mummy contest
this little one got left behind as usual

the next day i decided to let the kids play a simple form of gooey sensory activity - cornstarch + water. last weekend i came across this fun blog which has some - ok, a LOT of - great ideas for children activities at home. this was the easiest activity for the kids that i came across that didn't have me hunting for items needed (i wanted them to do feet painting but i didn't have canvas paper large enough to spread on the floor for them to step on). the blog i referred to kept going on and on about Colorations Liquid Watercolors - anyone knows where i can get something similar? oooh and where can i get tempera paint as well? i'm dying to try out an activity Aida carried out with her kids that involved tempera paint.

anyhoo. i made them play outside on the patio so that i could just sweep away the mess once it's dried. i added a bit of food coloring just to make things abit interesting. don't ask me why i chose green. just look at them. you could just swear i'm using them as child labor to paint my house walls, bahahahhaha.

my new house painters

what you need: cornstarch and water.
just dump the cornstarch into a bowl, slowly add water and stir until you reach the consistency that you desire.
and if you're a noob like me, most people would tell you that cornstarch = cornflour.
the texture is just too far out. it's solid when it's stationary, but when you tip the bowl over, it'll drip out like liquid. you gotta experiment with the cornstarch and water ratio. not too much water, or else it'll be too liquidy.
it's fun! and really messy.

the kids weren't sure what it was at first (everyone thought i was gonna make a cake T_T), but they really had a fun time splashing and covering themselves innit. heck i got the youngest to play too =D. she sure didn't know what was going on, but her older sisters had fun covering her feet and hair with cornstarch. i'd take more photos, but cornstarch was everywhere.

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C

i like this last photo of Sophia. it's like she's saying, 'ok mommy haha you had your laugh. now come on and clean me up'.

'i ain't amused'.

after a good bath, everything was squeaky clean again. LOL. just chuck the clothes into the wash and they'll be as good as new.
the one thing i forgot to do is store the excess into an airtight container T___T if you plan to reuse it again.

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