September 27, 2012


Dinara was up to something last night. she's been getting good at opening screwed caps on her own, and this was her recent victim.

i didn't realize what was going on at first. heck, it was 2am ok, orang nak tdo, dia pulak nak explore bilik sorang2, main princess figurines on her own. so ok la. skali Dayana woke up and groggily started pointing to the tv area, as if she was annoyed with something. the tv was on btw. ingatkan ape la yang dia nak pagi2 buta, tunjuk lego takmo, tunjuk buku takmo, tunjuk princess crown pun takmo. nak tukar channel ke?

until i saw it.

a piece of paper stuck onto the tv screen. which looked like box tape to me, at first glance.

upon closer inspection i saw that it was just ordinary notebook paper, and that the paper was held to the screen... by VICKS.

i turned to Dinara and literally caught her red-handed, with my newly bought Vicks tub. with her hair looking all greasy. and her hands and face covered with Vicks.


dulu Dayana painted my room with my compact powder, now Dinara wants to continue the legacy by painting the room with Vicks?? did she think it was hair gel????

(last weekend, she got hold of her powder puff and started dusting the whole room white - the bed, the floors, the iPad included @_@).

it didn't help that Dayana told me her princess figurines were all smeared with Vicks too. i guess that was what made that gigantic hole in my Vicks tub - the princess were being executed. mode of choice? death by Vicks T___T Ariel the Mermaid had it the worst. the legos were not spared too. i had a heck of a time trying to wipe the tv clean and degrease the toys in the wee hours of the morning *cry*.

didn't bother getting the grease out of her hair, i simply worked a comb through it, wiped the grease from her hands and face, and forced put her to bed. she didn't seem the least bit frazzled by all of it. chis. in fact, i don't think she understands that what she did was wrong @_@. this little one makin besar makin nakal, huwarggghhh tensi mak.

no photos because it was too dark to get any, and i didn't want them to lose their sleep momentum by turning on the lights.

*mau pull my hair out*

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