September 3, 2012

eltii pweety

firstly, you can tell from my posts that i'm slowly moving away from babywearing gear. i realized i don't need that many (doesn't help that Dinara doesn't fancy being carried long-term sigh) so i'm keeping the ones that i love (i'm having a hard time to dwindle the numbers down). each time i log into the bwm and don't seem to influenced by the recent posts, that means i'm partially cured, me thinks. haha *touch wood* (note: does not include current iso's hee).
(ekceli, i just realized that there are more interesting things out there to 'ponder' over... see below).

surely you've heard of FashionValet, they've been going higher up the fashion ladder and have been in the spotlight for quite awhile already. anyway i'm not here to blog about them, i simply want to gush over one of the accessories brand that they carry, Eltii.

(before you ask, images are all urm, 'borrowed' from FV's website)

i don't know much about this label, only that i fell in love with their vintage necklaces. it reminds me of traditional, although never mind it reminds me of metal as well, haha.

initially i was eyeing this one, but then as usual i bookmark the page first, so by the time i made up my mind it was already gone. meet Sophia:

then my roving eyes decided it liked this instead. this is Alya:

not a surprise, i was late again.... i added to cart, dilly-dallied sana sini... and it sold out T_T (i wanted the bronze btw). determined not to be perturbed by other crazy fashionistas this time, the instant they restocked i added to cart and checked out. MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. used up whatever loyalty points i had (so dear before you scream your head off, i got this at a discount ok).

this is me, failing to cam-whore as always

anyway, saw these two new beauties in stock in FV. meet Aysa and Alma. and no i haven't didn't get them:

slowly moving cursor to the X button on the upper right corner of screen...
there's so many different fashions out there, it's just a matter of finding the right one for you (and your other half, because he's the one that's gonna stare at you all day anyway).

eltii... make more necklaces! me likey!

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Maneesa said...

i love all the pieces and wished that postal to dubai can made available.
i try not to click at fashionvalet to avoid rasa disappointed :P