September 5, 2012

feed me

granted, i fail at cooking. sigh. i have very picky eaters as my children. so elly, if you have more simple recipes for kids i can try out, do share! =P~~ in my attempt to go for simple (and whatever that was available in the fridge), this was what i came up with:

macaroni soup, with chicken and finely diced potatos. the smaller they are, the higher chance of my kids swallowing without question
(lol i remember WAing nurel and zelbie on what spices i could use for the soup... i didn't have any soup cubes with me, just tons of spices i bought last time for that fish soup i attempted to make last time).

since maggi was unhealthy blablabla and i didn't like yellow mee, i decided to used air-fried mee instead (got the idea from elle).
belasah je goreng with chopped mushroom (mil loves mushrooms, they were abundant in the fridge), chicken, and carbonara sauce.
wished i had broccoli lying around. Dayana hates carrots for some reason. mati2 Daddy cakap princesses makan carrots, sebab tu princess pretty...
i think it worked twice before his words fell on deaf ears.

same recipe as above, only this time soup-based. my kids are a very big fan of soup. i think i need to add more color into my cooking next time, tengok aja pun cam tak menarik je, huhu.

and this one? my husband's favorite. he says at least i'm good at one thing *sweat*. i prefer my pasta with spaghetti instead of macaroni. sauce is the same: lego's napoletana sauce + mince meat + cheese.

(ok i'm hungry now, and my tummy is still gassy from yesterday's teh tarik T_T)

and resipi Melayu...? still not there yet. oops.

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