January 6, 2014

tesco's heroes and friends

tesco has always been the place we go to get groceries, simply because it's the nearest 'convenient' supermarket nearest to our home. we spend a whole lot of money on food, kids food and stuff, junk food (for the adults ok *sweat*), household cleaners, etc etc.

so it's no wonder we managed to collect 8 of these figurines fully redeemed by stickers during the promo period *pengsan tengok grand total bill*

5 uniques, 3 clones. HAHA.

(ok i lie the last one i added rm4.90 for the last figurine because i would need to add another rm200 to my bill, plus they shortened the sticker issuance period at the last minute tsk so there wasn't time to collect more huhu).

meet the heroes family!

we didn't manage to get Mike, 'the green man' (bak kata Dayana), Thor (i didn't know he was in the line up), and Buzz Lightyear. the kids were so excited to rip open the box to see what they would get. tp mencik la you can't get to choose what you wanted. heck we managed to get THREE Sulleys!!! @_@

so... now that all the fun's over (phooey), if any of you have either one of the above mentioned and would like a trade for the following two clones (Ironman and Sulley), feel free to PM me! LOL LOL.

oprhaned Ironman and Sulley

(although i think Ironman might be spoken for but the person has yet to PM me about it =D)

update 24/1:

looking to trade Sulley for Mike!
also, looking for Thor at a reasonable price please, tia~


pump said...

I hv extra mike..would like to trade with ironman..whatsapp 0163833554

E`n1x said...

hi! i only have an extra Sulley to trade for Mike :) i've already traded my extra Ironman away, sorry!