January 21, 2014

choc chip cookie day

i made cookies last weekend. it was supposed to be a mom-kids project, but as usual i ended up doing everything on my own T__T. they wanted to help out but they succeeded in getting flour and sugar all over the kitchen floor, so i shooed them away. i tried calling them when it was about time to pour in the chocolate chips but they were already long gone. HAHA.


i guess i should just let them play with dough and cookie cutters next time, eh? they've been so happy the past few weeks playing with play dough (and leaving a trail of play dough-disaster in its wake oh i so hateeeeeee play dough #@#$*#&*$&$@#*@$!!)


anyhoo, my friend posted her cookie recipe ingredients on instagram quite sometime ago so i thought i'd try it one day (of which has finally come hahahah). there's so many cookie recipe online you just don't know which one to try. since she's tried it and it turned out ok, i guess i really can't go wrong, eh? guess again.


i bugged my friend on whatsapp while i was mixing the ingredients together and insisted she hold my hand throughout HAHA.

so first step, mix all the dry ingredients together.

the dry ingredients


next, mix the butter with the eggs and mix them together with a blender until they're blended well.

for the record, this is my first time using a hand blender. they started looking like scrambled eggs for a very long while.

scrambled eggs, anyone?

*quickly took to the phone and whataspped my friend*


gave up and simply decided to add in the dry ingredients and hope for the best. i omitted the oatmeal from the recipe. my colleague made cookies with oatmeal once, but i didn't really fancy it.

it looked better. but everything was still lumpy. i didn't think that i had to spend A LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG TIME blending the ingredients together, my arm was already starting to ache just holding the hand blender. baking is fun at my mom's place - my mom has a stand blender, and i get two kulis (read: two sisters) to help out hahahah.

whisking away


once i decided that blending was enough, i added vanilla essence and folded in the the chocolate chips last. by this time the cookie batter seemed to look legit; no signs of it blowing up in my face =P =P. Sophia had fun licking the batter T__T.

chocolate chips added

i lined two baking trays with paper and scooped spoonfuls of dough onto the tray. i didn't know how big of a wallop i should put onto the tray but i did remember that i put too much once and it ended up expanding into a very HUGE cookie. i was able to make 16 cookies per tray at one time. so i popped them into the oven and waited until they turned brown.

batch number XX

the thing with the oven is, you need to judge how your oven works. in my case, 180 degrees for 8 minutes just doesn't cut it. my cookies turned brown much sooner than 8 minutes - the first few batches turned out hangit around the edges. i reduced the temperature and removed the cookies from the oven a bit earlier instead.

expanding... expanding...

they came out from the oven really soft but after cooling down on the rack, they hardened up. squee~!

someone asked me what happened to all the chocolate chips

Dinara enjoyed the cookies. but then again, she's a cookie monster. i asked Dayana if she wanted a cookie, you know what she answered? "em maybe next time!" #*$%$#*!@#@$ Significant Other wanted to know why the chocolate chips were so big T__T. the maid says they were too sweet.

ta-da! choc chip cookies

to me they tasted almost similar to femes emes cookies - you get that sweet aftertaste in your mouth after swallowing. but my cookies certainly looked nothing like them no matter how i tried. i tried experimenting with the cookie size, to get it to look more like those femes emes cookies, but they kept turning out looking flat and unflattering.

oh well. at least it turned out crunchy, which i like =D.

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