January 10, 2014

random things in a nutshell

random things i came across the past week that seems useful to know.

1. reuse plastic soda bottle tops to seal food storage bags (aka junkfood lol)

i heard this on the radio a little while back but with no visual, i just didn't get it, until i saw the photo below.
i have yet to try this out. currently i use those little plastic sealers, those you can buy at Ikea, to reseal my opened plastic bags.

2. brownie in a mug - to keep empty tummies occupied

i think i tried this once. i forgot how this turned out, because i don't really see how this can compete with baking brownies from scratch. i planned to use ramekins but i couldn't find them at the time (and i still don't own any) so maybe since i was planning to make choc cookies with the kids one day, maybe i should try this. hahah.

3. onion school, for dummies 101

you hear people talking about onions all the time. shallots, the mat sallehs in the cooking shows call them. we use onions a lot in cooking. they smell nice, they give you bad breath, we love the onion - fried edition (aka bawang goreng), we can make onion rings out of them! so what's not to love?
(i only eat them if they're fried beyond recognition =P).

so for my reference (just a mention: i keep mistaking ginger for garlic sometimes) i tempek this photo here. so now whenever you plan to whip something up in the kitchen that requires onions, you know which one you should use, haha.

onion vs onion

sekian untuk kelas 101 kita pada hari ini ya. i'm off to fill in my performance review, sigh.

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