March 3, 2013

creepy crawlies

one night at 10pm Dayana said she was hungry.

me: roti mau?
Dayana: ok

went downstairs to get a slice, went back upstairs and handed it to her.

took it from me, scrutinized it for a moment, then asked me, 'where's the jelly?'

me: T___T

shuffles back downstairs to slap butter onto the bread and hauled myself back upstairs.

took one look at it and told me, 'Mommy i'm not hungry anymore'.

me: ^}*#€¥€%#^*+¥€

conclusion: jangan layan cik kiah if she says she's hungry after 10pm.

we're a bit mad at Dayana at the moment. she had the audacity to throw her iPod touch at her sister. fortunately she missed her target, but the iPod screen ended up semi-shattered when it made contact with the floor grrrr. after 2 years of providing service to us, that iPod.

when i called her up to scold her about it, she actually had the cheek to ask me to buy her a new one @_@

it's not the first time she's done that, throwing her toys. i keep telling her a gazillion times not to throw her toys if not i'll throw them all out. there was one time her Daddy bought her a pink princess wand - with a big pink bauble that lights up when you press a button on it. one day i came home to find the wand in two pieces. when i asked her about it, you know what she said?

she told me a story about how she encountered a lipas downstairs and that she got so scared she threw her wand towards the lipas kononnye boleh bunuh the lipas and that's how the wand broke into two -_-

sigh, darn you lipasphobia.

i sprayed a lipas one night in the bathroom toilet and it somehow manically escaped into the kids' room (you know, how it scuttles around like a headless chicken before it dies?). the kids were in the room and they started screaming their heads off. i didn't know whether to laugh or cry. as long as they don't fly, i can be the brave lipas exterminator. else i pun nak cabut lari jugak.

i like to kid Significant Other, what happens if a lipas show up in the cockpit while you're flying?

he wasn't amused.

there was one time we were in the car at night and a gigantic praying mantis ended up in the car with us. since it was dark we didn't know what the hell we were dealing with haha. sebbaik tak eksiden.

update 9/3/13:

on my way downstairs in the middle of the night i saw a pair of thin antenna twitching at the staircase railing. you guessed it: encik lipas! a big one ok. huge! gross! *shudders just thinking about it*. i think i emptied half a bottle of ridsect to kill just one measly roach out of fright, it started flying the instant it got gassed. and i HATE the flying ones. nasib baik it didn't navigate its course towards me, i might've toppled down the stairs in fright @_@.

no mickey mouses here, although i did see a trap of some sort downstairs in the maids room. but i remember a few days ago my mil was complaining about squirrels literally pooping in the compound, so i guess we're catching that then? the housecat is as lazy as Garfield, minus the fatness.

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