February 25, 2013

jelly rival

i wouldn't call it rival per se... their price range actually rivals crocs come to think of it...
(i balked at the price)
but their designs are so much more stylish imo.

*mode berangan on Monday because i couldn't get any sleep last night and my leg is still throbbing and no matter how much rest i get it simply won't just go away and i'm starting to lose sleep because i can't seem to find a comfortable sleeping position anymore even though it's only just 28 weeks and i keep rubbing my eyeballs out even though i know i shouldn't and i've got so many things to do but so little time aaaaarrrrggghhh*

sekian, terima kasih.

or wedges?

Significant Other is into heels, especially when heels make me a wee bit taller than him (and that would mean i might probably trip and break my back... i dunno how you girls do it, walk in stilts... my back aches just thinking about it). i've abandoned heels for the kids, most of my shoes have been neglected, huhu (and i hate how they deteriorate over time).

p/s. lits... takmo beli ke? =D~~~

on another note...

can i transform my Mr. P from this...

 to this?

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