March 21, 2013

day third - family hols

17 Mar - since bil was in a rush to get off the island to catch up on his beauty sleep (1.5hour ferry ride + 4.5hour car drive), it was just us and sil to kill time before catching the last flight back to KL that night.

we bought a bunch of chocolates at HiG as usual. chocolates are super cheap here. super yummy. The Frey can beat Lindt any day.

we asked sil what she did she want to do to kill time, she replied she wanted to eat rojak buah and take photos (did she really? ok so maybe i made the latter part up) so we decided to bring her to Perdana Quay to walk walk abit before heading off to find rojak + laksa. Perdana Quay is where you can find The Loaf, btw. and Artisan's Pizza, which is really nice but really expensive. oh and i only found out myself that that's where they parked the Jalur Gemilang after Azhar Mansor's long voyage (not that i care really). did you know that it costs about rm3000 a month just to dock your boat at Perdana Quay? T___T

anyway, it was sweltering hot that Sunday. we rented a car for the family since obviously one car wasn't enough for the so-many-of-us. the first thing Significant Other did when he sat in the driver's seat was to ask where the button to adjust the side mirror was located *big sweat on forehead*.

the car that almost died on us
obviously these two were happy campers
see the boat behind her? it's named after her. maybe that's why she's into boats more than planes haha
there's a lighthouse nearby the Quay that we only noticed during the Duck tour that we went on last time (which was not worth our money imo). you couldn't clamber up to the top, but you could take photos at the foot of it. we saw a bunch of cars and people around it last time, lucky for us this time round it was abandoned so we were free to take photos as we please. it was such a lovely sunny day that practically all of our photos turned out superb, didn't matter who was behind the camera =P.

the lighthouse
Auntie Enn with the kids
and here's one for the family photo, 4 of us + 1
then afterwards we headed off to get rojak buah for sil. we stopped by Laksa Power by the roadside, located right beside the airport runway. there's a number of mobile stalls parked by the roadside that you could choose from but we always seem to stop by this particular stall for laksa. apa yang powernye, don't ask me.

here they sell laksa, rojak buah, rojak campur, cendol pulut, char koey teow, air kelapa, to name a few that we've tried before.

Laksa Power
sil waiting for her rojak buah
and this is also one of the places where you could watch planes land and take off. Significant Other never gets tired of photographing them. below's a photo (a photo??? many many many many photos kut!) he managed to take in between bites.

Asian Express taking off, bye bye
3 days of family holiday ain't enough i tell you.

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