February 20, 2012

who's who in the family

kid dictionary 101

the dad: Daddy
the mom: Mommy
the elder sister: Kakak
the younger sister: Adik

my mom: Tok Ami
my dad: Atuk
my sister: Angah
my brother: Pak Cik
my youngest sister: Ashu

his mom: Wan
his other dad: Atuk
his sister: Auntie Enn @ Angry Bird
his brother: Uncle Amal

his dad: Granddad
his other mom: Nana
his brother #2: Uncle Alfie
his brother #3: Uncle Amir
his youngest sister: Mak Cu

yesterday over at Pak Teh's house, Pak Teh was trying to teach Dayana how to speak Terengganu.

*pointing at my handbag* "ni hok mok nye" (or something like that lah. i pun fail cakap ganu).

he kept repeating it to Dayana a few times, then he told her to go tell me.

so Dayana comes up to me, babbles something about my bag which i couldn't apprehend, and then confidently tells me,

"mok mok mok mok!"


(satu rumah ketawa)

pointing to Angah, she says, "hey Angah, why you laughing?!" indignantly.

ok, first lesson, fail.

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