February 10, 2012

Four Points Sheraton, Langkawi

since our so-called honeymoon stay was over, we checked out and headed for Four Points by Sheraton, which was merely about less then 5 minutes from Significant Other's school. this hotel was also a member of the Starwood Hotels and Resorts.

Four Points by Sheraton
Kuala Muda,
Mukim Padang Matsirat,
07100 Kedah,
Phone: (60)(4) 955 6888
Fax: (60)(4) 955 5888
check-in: 3pm, checkout: 12pm

hotel entrance

check-in was quite slow, a lady (who might possibly be the most thinnest person i have ever met in real life) was at the counter arguing about a lost or misplaced luggage; a couple of tourists were also looking to check-in, me included. and there were only two people to handle registration, as well as everything else @_@.

the foyer was incredibly huge and empty, i'm not sure why it was designed that way. from the number of people toiling about i can confirm that the hotel had a high tendency of being fully booked that day (ok that's it. no more peak period visits from me!). and you can judge by the type of crowd here that this hotel is much more reasonable than the previous hotel we stayed in Langkawi. there were definitely more Malays here, and tons of children running about too =P.

checking in

the hotel was one of the newer hotels in Langkawi, having being officiated in November 2011 (completed just in time for the 2011 LIMA event i heard) so everything about the hotel was simply put, new. but instead of getting the posh feels of most hotels, i mostly got the feeling of being in a student hostel instead =P. seriously. i'm reminded of my former campus days at UTP, Perak. haha. whitewashed walls, the simple worksmanship (asal basic necessities ada sudah cukup), no carpeting, lol.

room 2023, ground floor

the room rates ranged from MYR 360 to MYR 1,450 per night, depending on what room you get. our room was very spacious indeed. i guess you could say if you're planning on bringing your parents, siblings, kids, uncles, aunties, grandparents along, this room could practically fit everyone in. just make sure you bring extra mattresses to lie on. i'm not kidding. at one point it felt like the room had too much empty space in it @_@. according to the website, our room was 463 sq. ft. / 43 m². is that big? ntah la. probably it's just the two of us, i dunno.

the snugg bed

cozy couch and dressing table

view from our balcony

you can see how much floor space we still had

the shower and tub

the bathroom sink and toilet

so i guess you can't have perfection for everything. during Significant Other's first shower, the whole bathroom got flooded @_@ we had to call maintenance to help get the drain unclogged. the whole bathroom floor was flooded with water. it didn't help that after the problem was fixed, the floor around the toilet bowl was sopping wet and the water didn't drain properly due to the floor angle or something @_@.

make sure your door is properly shut tight before you leave the room. despite the door being heavy (and having those hinges that allow the door to close all by itself) it does not shut completely on its own. not sure if it was just our room door, though. but better be safe than sorry, eh?

after checking in, we took a look at the pool, which was gigantic. plenty of screaming children splashing around. and tourists lounging around the pool. they even had a small gym. the beach was lovely, but not as lovely as the Andaman though. the sand was more grainy than powdery. didn't really see anyone bathing in the sea, only people digging around looking for seashells. people say there are alot of jellyfishes in the sea. all the more reason for me to stay away from the sea from now on >.<

abandoned pool at midday

we stayed in for the night watching TV, Significant Other had homework to finish, as he had classes the next day. and as usual, breakfast wasn't included for our stay. despite everything, the bed was really snugg =P~~~~

oh, and i had to drag two huge bags and a pail all by myself to the car during checkout while Significant Other hung out at the hangar. chis. since the hotel had a high check-in rate that day (you should've seen the busloads of people that they keep unloading at the foyer) we were allowed a checkout extension up until 2pm. ok la. that works for me. i didn't go swimming, it was too hot during the day @_@.

1. a nice place to visit if you're bringing everyone along for the trip, hahahaha. especially if you're on a slightly lower budget than high class.

2. well, that's my opinion, anyway =D. no complaints, except for the bathroom flooding episode.

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