February 20, 2012

kid's outing with mil

on Saturday after i serviced my car (the SA told me my next service would be semi-major, estimated to be about rm800+... my eyes almost exploded in their sockets), me and the kids teman-ed their grandma pergi Nilai 3, for a bit of um, furniture shopping.


the kids had such a great time jumping up and down the carpets at that carpet wholesale (marah la kot tauke kedai, seb baik mil beli carpet dua bijik), and running in between furniture in the store (where mil also borong-ed quite a number of stuff there, which will arrive at the house tomorrow, hoho).

lepak on wood furniture... i love this chair. mil bought it btw =D

later that evening we went to OU for snacks and while waiting for mil to buy slippers and pray, me and the kids went for a little ride around the mall. ahahahah. i didn't want to at first, but i was broke and bored. and you know how much i hate waiting with nothing to do. haha.

Dayana got cold feet at first, until she saw me and Dinara clambering onto the ride. Dinara clearly enjoyed it. she shrieks in delight each time the kiddie ride passes by.

posing with the kiddie ride

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