December 13, 2013

Sophia's seventh month

what i came across on BabyCenter Baby Bulletin. whoops. never intended to increase the odds of having you end up in a class with 3 other Sophia's in the future =P.

Sophia Poppiah

my Sophia turns 7 months today!

she spent the wee hours of the morning keeping me awake with her baby talk.
'ata' 'ata' she'd go.
we think she listens to Dinara's requests of 'nak atas' (nak go upstairs) every time we ground the kids downstairs.
been trying to teach her to say 'mommy!' but to no avail.
you know what she said instead?
'dada'. CHIS.
i lost the mommy/daddy fight with the other two kids, i must not lose with this one =P

she can pull herself up onto her unsteady little feet now.
she expresses her dissatisfaction whenever she's abandoned in her 'cell' with nobody to play with. she has this muka tak puas hati expression she'd pull whenever that happens, LOL.
the chubbiest among the three.
fits her 6-9 months clothing well.
still toothless =P
easily distracted during breastfeeding. has no preference between formula or breast milk. i just hope she doesn't reject me as early as the other two.


this morning's breakfast. yumm.

oh yeah, our shipment from London arrived earlier this week after a 2-month wait, which mainly comprised of the children's clothing and other odds and ends we ended up shipping back because of our luggage weight limit. most of the clothes we bought for the kids were still too big even after buying according to age recommendation. and i finally have my own 'exercise shoe' Significant Other bought for me from a factory outlet there. i had zilch sports shoes ever since the only pair i had died out on me / makan diri lol. on its defense, i've owned that pair of shoes since forever, hee~. imagine, i wore my jelly bunnies to my company's Sports Day last time T___T.

dual fusion. my first ever FINK shoe

also, meet farideh afterglow =D i really wished this was TWILL!

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