December 3, 2013

my future pilot

while i was away for my company dinner with the eldest, the youngest was busy accompanying the Daddy studying.

ok well not really studying, she's at the stage where she'd hang on to something - ANYTHING - and try to pull herself up, including clinging to her sisters' hair. HAHA. the thing is, she'd pull herself up to her knees, and then stay stuck in that position until someone rescues her =P. the thing is, she can't even sit up properly yet T_T. she tried pulling herself up using an unstable box and ended up toppling over once -___-.

see? like this.
sorry, i can't sit upright on my own yet

she has obviously gotten the crawling stage down pat. sometimes she'd just lay on her tummy and lift her arms and legs in the air - imagine a sky diver falling out of the sky, lol (or you could imagine an overturned turtle, whichever works for you). i have no idea why she does that though. stretching perhaps?

did i tell you she makes the perfect zombie extra for the Walking Dead? sometimes when she babbles in her own cheeky language, she'll make the exact growling sound a zombie does when they're after something - blearggggggggghhhh, or something like that. it's also a cross between those purple minions in Despicable Me 2, but she sounds more like a zombie to me. it's too funny i always forget to record her on video. i think someone's been eavesdropping when Daddy watches the Walking Dead. haha.

anyway back to the story, she found a new victim that night, smack right in the middle of the floor - the perfect victim to clamber onto and sabotage. but in the end she became Daddy's study assistant and helped him study his Physics (or was it Air Dynamics? no idea). i think she found the book to be much more interesting than her toys and rattles.

*climb climb climb* oh hey, i know that diagram
like this Daddy, i teach you
my favorite part of the book - all words!
still poring over the book like nobody's business

so. can i label her as future pilot? or perhaps, future wall-climbing pilot? =D oh yeah yesterday she was in a good mood to be back carried. how i love these colors on her. i think green suits her better more than me.

willing wearee!

Significant Other attended a maswings assessment last weekend. that's why Dira volunteered to help Daddy study. i dropped him off at MAS Academy at the wee hours of the morning and i could not believe the number of people attending the assessment. kalah pc fair, he says. about 400+ people were present. and then he started ranting about how the odds aren't in his favor, lol belum cuba sudah admit defeat T___T.

anyway despite being 'older and greyer' than the others he beat the odds and managed to make it to the top 18 to move on to the next stage: the interview. ok hor? =D. goes to show that you really shouldn't shoot yourself down before you try, because you never know... anyway. cross fingers and toes and nose hair that he made an impression to get to the final stage. but that's already an accomplishment on it's own for him, don't you think? =D

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