December 12, 2013


on a freezing day such as this one (where the dark clouds unrelentingly releases its downpour onto the earth, causing me to get stuck in yet another painstakingly long journey back home), this is what i do: i search for photos of my doppelgangers. HAHA.

a bunch of people has told me before that i resemble these two people below. recognize them? i Whatsapped the first photo to Significant Other.
i got cricket noises in return -_____-.
yay or nay? you decide. then let me know.
because if i did, i should be able to demand for celebrity status treatment, eh? *insane laugh*

the top photo i took from my friend's fb page (yep that's my friend on the left =D) (um S, if you disapprove let me know k). and yeah i kinda did a bit of a double take myself when i saw the photo. *teratai layu~~~*

the bottom photo i googled and got it from a ground staff's blog. i didn't know that she flew before. heck i never knew she existed until someone told me about her =P. seems like a small bunch of Malaysian celebrities took to the skies briefly before they grounded themselves back on the ground.

ok, sekian untuk hari ini! babai~


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