December 16, 2013

barbie multiplication

remember my last post regarding their little barbie doll collection?

the count sorta increased over the past couple of months. there's another 6 new additions to the family, 4 of which came from London because they were really cheap. i notice these days there are so many different editions of barbies - for example the Disney Princesses - each differentiated by how their facial features are constructed, or by how their outfit is designed, sometimes in the tiniest different detail.

and as usual, about half the dolls were missing shoes. everyone planning to upstage Cinderella, it seems. do people glue the shoes to their feet as a last resort?

the two on the right and the two on the left in the photo are the Disney princesses. the other two Nana bought for the kids while we were away in London. we bought them Merida too but nobody seems to take a liking to her that much (despite watching reruns of Brave nonstop) so she's still stuck in her box, bow and all.

we went to Ikea on Saturday and Daddy bought them a new table with storage drawers for their room. with the number of stuff increasing in the room and the room not getting any larger, most of their toys storage had to be reorganized. they have too many stuffed toys indeed, tapi sayang nak donate for now =P (stuffed toy lover over here).

and on Sunday we had lunch with Significant Other's side of the family.

really wished i'd remembered to bring my camera

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