November 19, 2010

literally saujana

i dunno why it's taking a looOoOOoOoOng time to get the place done. it's just a small unit to begin with. anyway i'm just hoping everything will get done by end of the month before mil comes back. i'd never hear the end of it.

waiting on the completion of:
- kitchen cabinets
- storeroom

things left to do:
- curtains
- bathroom cabinets & mirrors
- a way to disguise our open-air bathroom (lol)
- door grille
- furniture

a preview of the current progress:

things sticking out from the ceiling

wardrobe, built in. curse that ceiling beam

this has yet to be completed... tak pasal2 kasik freeshow nanti

1 comment:

Maneesa said...

hi lily!! it was nice to meet u at marina's wedding , sorry i didnt get to chitchat lama with you..ramai sgt people and everyone excited to see everyone.
nway bdn maintain mcm bukan baru got baby no.2 pon ok.