November 10, 2010

big... and i mean BIG

luckily Significant Other was on MC the day Regalia Supreme arrived. don't think i could've handled its arrival alone. and it was a good thing Dayana was at my parents' too. i'd confirm trip over her 95% of the time.

objective of the day:
- since it has no storage space under the bed i had to think of a way to get rid off all the junk + dust that was currently residing under the bed
- dismantle the current bed and somehow figure out a way to protect the mattress during transport (HAHA)

when they finished ensembling the bed i was like omg gabak besar! not only just big, but tinggi too. heck Dayana needs a chair just to climb up on the bed. haha. i think Significant Other never counted on the divan to be sooo thick. i totally feel as if i've lost half of my room space, not to mention half of my eyesight too! @_@. have yet to take a photo of the bed. too much messiness in the room for now.

image source: google

the achievement:
- got rid of tons of boxes we kononnye sayang nak buang and kept for the sake of 'what if': a) we mau jual balik?, b) we pindah rumah later on? c) no what if... the box simply looks too nice to be chucked away haha.
- bought a new chest of drawers from Ikea. it has a foldable mirror on the top to act as sort-of dresser (there's no room in our room for an actual dresser!!!). and i assembled it all by myself too while Significant Other was busy lepaking on the bed watching The Last Airbender, tsk. he only helped with the hammering part. punye semangat katakan. i initially wanted to get a wall-mounted rack for storage, but i couldn't find a good enough one.

offtopic: if you think about it, if we had our own a mini kitchen, our room can qualify as a mini-condo for 4, haha. so please, don't complain that our room is too messy for words. there isn't enough room for 4 people here hokeh, regardless of whether we hoard or not.

you should've seen the look on Dayana's face when she first saw the bed. priceless.

and until now, i have yet to get a good night's sleep on the bed. i don't know why.

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Dina said...

i would've LOVED to see her expression when she saw the bed