October 13, 2010

what i'm missing

i miss:

- sending Significant Other to the airport at odd hours... or rather, i miss trips to KLIA. it's the closest thing i can get to travelling by air, lol

KLIA send-off to Libya, 2009

- gossiping + shopping with my former colleagues

my crappy ex-colleagues, 2009

- KLCC food court. lol. seriously, no kidding

- hanging out with my babywearing peeps and talking crap about who bought what carrier

@ MLO Seri Kembangan, 2010

- able to shop during weekdays without having to spend the extra gas to go the extra mile

- traffic jam - not!

view from the top, 2009

- the deskmate-in-crime

keje bodo deskmateku, 2009

- the days when i didn't have to worry about $$ 24/7

- my sister in India, hoho

camwhoring sistas, 2008

- my US holiday. God i love their store hospitality, and the weather!

NASA Space Center, 2010

- gamelan-jamming with the gang. they have different priorities now, huu~

Mariott Putrajaya, 2006

- the twin towers

- my favorite grandma in the East coast =)

Wan with Dayana, 2008

- my Unimates!!! omg how can i forget the old days? LOL.

Eiwa pulak tarak in this photo, oops

... to name a few. ada rupe vision board tak? LOL


Ariana said...

cun aa short hair at MLO tu

Yatt Sara said...

wehh u tak missed me ke? hoho.. :P

E`n1x said...

i miss u too salad. kalpana too! my two coffee-fueled friends yg gila mekap! hoho