October 16, 2010

PD family trip day 1

i can't even get good reception here, tsk. and by the time i do manage to find a spot in the room that does, the two sleeping beauties are about to wake up @_@.

Significant Other had a company trip this weekend so i was planning to ambush lix's place today for lunch since i missed my monkey (lol) but at the last minute Significant Other told me to pack up and bring the kiddos as well for the overnight road trip. the last time i went to PD was when i was in my teens? lol so long ago. my first family trip since the arrival of Dinara, hehe.

photos during the journey to PD:

Dayana was so excited to actually be going somewhere rather than being cooped up in the room the whole day. we got a room towards the far end of the chalets.

looking for 027(L)

nothing fancy, but the room's quite cozy in my opinion. i actually like the bathroom design, specifically the bathtub and the shower =P. i find it amusing that upon entering the chalet, you step into the bathroom first, haha. i was wondering what would you do if you were in the shower and suddenly someone comes knocking.

what awaits when you you enter the front door

the bathtub and the shower

the door leading into the room

the clear-glass floor that Dayana absolutely refuses to step on

cozy corner overlooking the sea

green theme LOL

Significant Other remarked that Avillion was more grander than this place in his opinion.

Dinara decided to mark her arrival in PD with a nice soiled diaper, while Dayana pulak intent on outdoing her sister, decided to barf her chicken nuggets + strawberry soda all over her clothes. sigh.

chillin', just the three of us

we hung out in the room the whole day while Significant Other went for his activities. thought of taking the kids out for a walk around the grounds but it was stinkin' hot so while Dinara took her evening nap, me and Dayana chilled out in the tub, lol. she didn't want to at first, she's a fraidy cat when it comes to water. so after poking her nose at the doorway a number of times watching me soak in the tub she eventually came over to me and said 'nak andi'. haha. apa lagi, syiok la cik minah tu main air T_T.

so now the kids are both asleep on the bed and i'm in front of the lappie while Significant Other is out for dinner. thought of going somewhere with the kids but they're asleep and i don't dare to wake them up since we might be going out for supper later.

k-lah, toodles. till tomorrow = )

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Ummi to Hamzah said...

me like this post.nampak best je the place u stayed at in pd.funky modern interior deco :) mesti u had great time with ur girls.lucky u!