October 7, 2010

41 days in

never again will i go to the Dr.'s all on my own with one newborn and one toddler who absolutely does not want to listen to a single thing you say. grrr. grrr.

so i went to the Dr.'s today, for me and Dinara's one month appointment. i went slightly later in the afternoon thinking that i wouldn't have to wait as long as i usually did when i came for my morning appointments. bah. i rase same aja, it still took awhile before i got to see my gynae and the paed @_@. i didn't mind if it was only me and Dinara, the elder one as usual was too happy to be out of the house that it was hard to keep tabs on her while managing both appointments at once. grrr.

my gynae appointment ended abit abruptly as Dayana kept shoving my iphone in the gynae's face, wanting to show off the ABC application i downloaded especially for her (she'd talk to anyone willing to listen to her, be it stranger or not). then a few minutes after entering into the room, sleeping beauty pulak decided to make her debut by being cranky. chis chis chis. during all that hoo-haa i could barely listen to what my gynae was saying about family planning. i told her i wanted to opt for implanon, so we rescheduled my appointment as she couldn't find the pamphlets and my financial provider wasn't around. haha. Dayana kept pointing to the machinery, obviously remembering the times i did my scans when i was pregnant. haha. then when i wanted to leave, Dayana tak nak ikot pulak, punye excited dapat jumpe Dr. grrr lagi.

at Paeds lak, while waiting for our turn she berebut meja with another girl around her age (or probably slightly younger) at the play area. siap angkut meja tu bawak pergi ok T_T buruk perangai betul. Dinara's paed is different from Dayana's, decided stick with whoever we got just to see if she's good or not, and so far she seems ok to me. at 41 days old Dinara now weighs 3.4kg, total kewlness! she definitely beats Dayana in the weight gain department, at 2 months 21 days, Dayana only weighed 3.3kg. i had to check the scale twice to see that the reading was correct (punye la tak caya kan, haha). she even took her one month jab like a pro. the Dr. gave me some cream for the little bald spot on her head, and some fever meds. when we wanted to leave, Dayana wanted to bring back this mini Barney toy with her, siap lambai2 to the Dr. lagi, argh (note to myself: bring Barney for backup bribe!).

balik pingsan lol

i also remembered i totally forgot to pay for my car installment so had to make a pitstop at the bank on the way back. i was lucky to find a parking spot right in front of the bank, and i dunno if it was because of the sight of me with a newborn and a toddler, or if it's because the bank's numbering system was down, but i was brought straight to the counter and finished everything in less than 5 minutes. phew. i don't understand why i can't pay my conventional car loan over the counter at an RHB Islamic branch. sungguh menyusahkan hidup.

Dinara's sleeping soundly now while i'm typing this. Dayana pulak is busy making a mess of the room, benciii. while i was getting ready buckling up the kids in the car earlier today, mil handed me a poslaju package addressed to me. decided to try out the contents during the Dr.'s visit =P. my verdict is i still need to do more tweaking on it because it's definitely not love at first sight.

i am dead tired now. i seriously wish i could stop time for abit so that i can catch up on my sleep, haha.


farrahar said...

Wow banyaknya you blog! Tak menyempat-nyempat I nak comment ^_^.

Couldn't find the Psling love? Jangan la try sama newborn. With a newborn there's a lot of adjustments need to be done when using a ring sling, nak tighten la, nak loosen la. You can't do that with a Psling. But bila baby besar and you don't need to adjust much baru okay.

Gila apa you can go out alone with the two kids. I pun tak berani tau! Nanti putus tangan I. Then again you memang gila. :D

Ariana said...

psling ke tu? nampak quite padded and wide macam petit belly shijira jek?

E`n1x said...

far: what to do, i had an overdue appointment to go to. kang tak terpegi2 lol. never go to a kiddie-friendly place when you have limited hands! ni pun tgh pk shud i really drop by KLCC tomorrow? hahahahaha
psling mcm susah je nk tarik2, asyik sangkut kat rings je, hihi so that's y JS softlinen is my fav rs now.
(rajin berblogging because of the new vaio kot, lol tp ni pun haven't uploaded photos of the kiddos lagi)

elly: yeah it's a psling, and it's not mine =P - am not gonna hentam beli like i usually did previously without trying irl sbb mahal, lol. i dunno how it compares w ur shijira, but it is WIDE. sapa beli ur rs itu?

myrnnss said...

dinara dah besar!!!