March 30, 2016

pinky pie

i was minding my own business at the dinner table earlier when she entered the dining room and headed towards me.
due to the bad lighting, it took me awhile for my brain to register that my daughter had been tinted PINK.

in color.


my daughters get a little jakun when given a tube of lippie; i can guarantee you that the lippie will wear down to the very base within minutes. my kids have too much lip area to cover i guess that they have to keep reapplying every couple of minutes or so.

*rolls eyes*

somehow Sophia thought she might look even prettier if she smeared the lipstick on other parts of her body.
because it's pink, you know.
honestly, what girl doesn't like pink?
(most girls do, anyway)

face pink, neck pink, arms pink, hands pink, feet pink. ears also pink.

i almost burst out laughing just at the sight of her. you could say she got sun-burnt, and she probably looks like the long-lost cousin of Hellboy. the Uncle says she looks like a character from Guardians of the Galaxy. 
whatever the case is, she'll be pink for the next couple of days, because the pink ain't coming off T____T.

i tried makeup remover, nope that didn't work either.

apparently, that is one heck of a stay-on lipstick. lolz.

aaaaaand being the bad Mommy that i am, i just had to get a couple of mugshots of her first. you know, just so that she can read this blogpost later when she's all grown up and will understand why her Mommy's hair turned grey so fast. 

i even got her confession on video. trying to pin the blame on her elder sister, eh?
very sneaky!

mugshot taken
budak muka tak bersalah
even pinker in real life
perasan chomel lah tu.

oh i just had to upload this photo on the side, it's too cute =P
she's turning One soon, how time flies.

talk to the hand... and the double chin!

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