March 24, 2016

batman v superman

i'm not a die-hard fan, so of course i never did get it when people were disappointed with the movie.

i find the movie ok.
as always, i'm on team Superman. bahahhahaha.

Ben Affleck made a decent Batman, actually.
my reaction when i first heard he was cast was the same as from an online message board Affleck came across:
(i read about this from imdb)

"Affleck as Batman? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!"

Lex Luthor reminded me or a deranged Joker actually. i always thought John Shea had made a great portrayal of the character (again, note that i don't follow the comics).

and is it a coincidence that both their mothers had the same name? i seriously didn't realize it until i watched the movie. hmmmmm.

so... who's your pick? Batman or Superman? =D

img source: Google

img source: Google

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