March 25, 2016

and more talking from Sophia

Sophia's current ramblings!

where u goin'?
- asked every single time i a) look overdressed, or b) if i happen to be carrying my bag, or c) if i'm heading out the front door. this is practically the most soklan kepochi asked by the three elder kids.

where get that?
- asked by her every time i'm holding an object, doesn't matter what it is.

what u doin'?
- if she doesn't ask the 'where' question first, then this will be asked when she's looking for people to bug.

can you susu?
- asked whenever she wants me to get milk for her. replace the word 'susu' with anything that she is requesting for.

- proudly tells me the room is in a messy state when all the kids' toys are strewn all over the floor T___T

- selagi u tak reply her with an 'owait', she will repeat this over and over again. sometimes i don't even know what i'm agreeing to.

- prior to saying 'owait', she will ask you this first.

-  another word she will proudly tell me whenever she spills something on the floor.

baby banana
- that's what she calls Emma.


damage from the baby fair today. i was supposed to get only teats and diapers. but those outfits for Emms were too cute to resist! whoops. #splurgeforEmma

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