April 24, 2015

spoilt for choice

i'm bored. let's talk fashion, shall we? (although, i might be the wrong person to talk about this topic. i have no sense of color coordination and i tend to be so fickle-minded).

i realize that i prefer to see and feel the merchandise in real life rather than randomly purchasing online and hoping for the best.

for one, you won't get yourself fooled by those pretty drop dead gorgeous models who wear them in photos and make them look so amazing, that you get overexcited so you immediately press the 'Add to Cart' button but end up being totally disappointed when you receive it in the mail because it doesn't make you look as thin as you thought it would be or that the material was not cut out as you hoped it would be.

haha. sarcastic, i know. but it's the truth. some people are meant to look pretty even while wearing a burlap sack, others have to try abit harder to shine. i'm part of the latter. i don't wake up in the morning looking like a hundred bucks. sometimes what looks good on on person may not necessarily look good on another. anyway models are meant to look good in anything they wear, if not how the heck are they gonna get their stuff to sell? and for all i know, they used photo enhancing apps like vscocam or 360 to make them look like human angels on earth. LOL.

i still hate them for looking effortlessly beautiful though. haha. i guess i should start unfollowing those instagram accounts now =P.

haters be haters,
players be players,
fakers be fakers,
bakers be bakers,
shake it off, shake it off,
woo hoo hoo.

anyway, i received the brochure for Scha X FV in the mail even before the collection was released. from the brochure, i'm not really a fan of her style but i have to admit, her collection are quite affordable if you compare her designs to some other brands that cost a lot more but didn't quite tickle my fancy material-wise. i wish her collection was physically available; vivy looks perfect in almost anything so i can't rely on her photos to make purchasing decisions haha. i often wonder if some of the more famous-er bloggers secretly get paid to review new collections.

i'm delighted that Scha X FV's collection are available in my sizing, just like Nora Danish for FV's collection is (although i have to say, i could barely move in her A-line skirt and Gary in the office actually noticed that i had trouble walking in it bahahah). some designers' interpretation of S size are overly underrated so i'm usually 'saved by default' from taking the plunge *roll eyes*.

heck, most of the designs were sold out fairly quick. i'm undecided as to which color i like best for the following design, what do you think?

Thentill in Grey
Thentill in Peach

last week i followed my friends to MAC. while the other two was busy dolling themselves up with eyeliners, i was busy taking a selfie:

#duckscarves #blueeclairs

i usually don't take selfies but i'm gonna pop soon and it's not always i see myself this fat, haha. i'm weighing about 53-54kg now at 37 weeks. anyway i discovered that MAC has a lip primer to prep your lips before wearing lippies. i find MAC lippies to be very dry and i always tend to steer towards matte lipsticks so with the combination of my super dry lips, it's like a disaster waiting to happen. this is definitely going into my wishlist one day.

MAC prep + prime

T - 18 days to go. the pilot is kepala pusing because his schedule is packed for May. and i baru plan nak coax the baby to come out on XX May because i'd have an easier time recalling the first 8 digits of the IC number hahhahahahhahah.

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