April 10, 2015

the woes of 35 weeks!

Sophia's turning two next month. she weighs close to 10kg.
her current favorite spoken words are me-mey (lol), uh-oh, and oh NO.
when i come back from work, while the elder two had lots to report/complain to Mommy, dia pun sibuk nak kasi report in her own language which i don't understand, lol.
i am so not ready to give her up as my youngest yet. haha.

speaking of which, i am also not prepared to give birth! i have so many things to settle beforehand... so many things happened in the past few weeks which really took a toll on me. i haven't even packed my hospital bag -_____-. i have yet to identify my emergency contact person if the husband's on duty and can't make it back in time. the other day on my way home from work i was wondering what i would do if i had to pee while being stuck in traffic - worse case scenario is to stop at the curb and just do it (harhar), but what if i went into labor? pull over and push? ok let's hope that doesn't happen to me this time -_-. i've been very lucky for the past three pregnancies to be in close vicinity of the hospital when it happened.

Dinara contracted chicken pox two days ago. she must've gotten it from school, because not too long earlier the mother of her classmate announced in whatsapp that her son came down with chicken pox. and whaddya know, on Wednesday i came back from work to find her with little red welts on her face and back. a visit to the doctor and a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius confirmed that is was indeed chicken pox *sigh*. no school for her for the next 3 weeks it seems. another classmate of hers also came down with the chicken pox about the same time as her. it's like a chicken party!

chicken pox
hard at work

i know nuts about treating chicken pox; apart from the itchy and scratchy show, it can be contagious and can threaten pregnancies if you haven't gotten chicken pox before. luckily i got the chicken pox wayyy back when i was young so i didn't have to worry much about me, but i did worry about the other two kids. could i handle 3 sick kids at the same time? let's hope that vaccination works wonders, eh? i think it's close to impossible to isolate one kid from the rest, unless you have a large glass aquarium you could keep the infected kid in for the next 5 days until the contagious period is over. i told the kids to stay clear of Dinara until she gets better but belum apa2 lagi my eldest was yelling her head off that Dinara sneezed in her face. sigh. and you think the youngest understood a word i said?


the kids' Nana came back from London last weekend and got them their own personalized chocolates. pretty ohsem, eh? naturally, all they cared is to keep them safely in their stomachs rather than admiring the personalized touch. lol. am i the only one not going nuts over nutella, btw?

5 minutes later, chocolate inside tummy
she also wanted to take a photo
personalized nutella

these days the youngest thinks it's cool to stick out her tongue while taking selfies.


i met up with Noki the other day at mv. and that's the first time i've ever heard of telur sotong. selalu2lah singgah la mv la yek? =P

coincidentally in the same shade of blue =P

guess that's it from me.i'll crap more when i have the time =D.

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