May 3, 2015

D no more, hello E

i officially have a fourth kitteh. one more and i can create my own little futsal team. haha.
Auntie Enn, i appoint you to be their coach if that happens.

meet E1. yeap, D no more. i guess it's time to break tradition.

everyone, say hello to the new addition: Emma Mxxxxx.
as always, we're still deciding on a name for her. it gets tougher to decide when you have four consecutive girls in a row hahahahahah.
different letter, therefore more options to choose from =D

date = May 3rd, 2015 --- 9 days earlier than EDD of 12th May.
time = 0113 hours --- i was born 0112 hours, just sayin' =P
weight = 2.88kg --- the heaviest of the lot!
length = 52cm --- also the longest of the lot, she won by a mere 1cm haha

she came with very little warning - unfortunately due to the long holiday weekend  for the first time ever my usual Doctor wasn't around to deliver her, and the Doctor on-call arrived a bit too late =P.

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