August 27, 2014

a cat's tale

meet Princess Sparkle. i call her Sparky for short.

Princess Sparky

her hobbies include eating, pooping, stretching,
and climbing onto dangerous ledges and showing off that she's able to do so
while we humans if attempting to do so might result in us toppling over onto the ground below.

we don't have 9 lives to begin with.
aaaand we don't have soft paws to land on.

this was taken this morning. buat apa ntah cik kiah sekoq tu. kalau jadi Mak Guard boleh la jugak kan, earn her keep.

spot the tikky

just wanted to show off this fluffy furball that is not mine.
so chomey!!!! tail macam feather duster! gerammmmmmmm.

last name Awang.

now these, however, are my cats:

cat #1, #2 and #3

they drive me up the wall but i love them to bits!

happy Wednesday everyone! everyone in the house seems to be coming down with the flu =(

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