September 5, 2014

the 'H' trilogy

big fan of Kay Hooper i've been following the Bishop / Special Crimes Unit (SCU) Series since forever so imagine my surprise when Haunted was released a couple of days ago in hardcover and only then did i realize i missed out on two of the earlier books lol sent out an inquiry to MPH apparently both books were not in stock T_T

ok enough rambling along without a single fullstop... happy weekend everyone.

these days the number of people reading books has dropped because they're too busy wasting precious time online (kids on iPads, the 'adults' over social networks), preferring to troll for incredulous gossips that may or may not be true (burning food comes to mind), or to find some random subject to talk about just because it makes them feel good about themselves (the attention seekers).

it's a sad world =| 

whatever happened to climbing trees or running around loose at the park? O_o

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