August 15, 2014

babywearing made simple

remember that little photo shoot i attended at my friend Adrin's house a couple of months (or many months... i forgot haha) ago for her little book project?

a few days ago my friend Shasha texted me... apparently she came across the book at MPH Nu Sentral. she 'saw the cover, flipped inside and saw me' was her words. haha. she even sent me a photo. lol.

that's me! and Sophia =D
wrap: Jumpsacbaby
photo credit: Shasha

i haven't seen the book in real life yet... i went downstairs and asked MPH to look up the book for me... but they came up with zilch results T_T.
(either they got the title wrong or they were too lazy to look it up proper for me... oh well)

Babywearing Made Simple, by Adriana Thani
photo credit: Shasha oso =P

anyway, the book's out, titled Babywearing Made Simple, available at (most if not all, apparently) MPH bookstores. or you could get it online at a 15% discount. Adrin will be having a book launch soon for those who'd like to have their book signed - i know i want my copy signed by her =D.

perfect book for those who'd like to dip their toes into the waters of babywearing. nobody could've describe things better like Adrin can. that's her on the book cover, btw. except that now she sports a head full of blonde. lol.

now... to hunt for a copy of my own. tsk.

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